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Dmitry Spiros (born November 11, 1971) is a Russian contemporary impressionist artist.
Spiros was born in Tashkent, in one of the former USSR republics, and lived there until 1998. From 1998 through 2010, Spiros lived with his family in Russia, in the city of Samara. Spiros currently resides in the popular resort city of Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico.
The subjects of his paintings are mostly city scenes, genre paintings, the sea, flowers, and portraits. Most of Dmitry Spiros's paintings are created using the medium of the palette knife, oils, and acrylic paint. Spiros is constantly finding new themes, subjects and creative approaches to use.

Earlier Years
Dmitry comes from a family with Greek roots. From ancient times onward there has formed a small Greek population in the Southern part of Russia on the shores of the Black Sea.
As a result of a well known political events of 1917, part of Spiros's family was forced to leave Russia and return to Greece. Dmitrys grandparents stayed in Soviet territory, however, and under the threat of repressions and deportation, lived on, preserving their native language and culture. Spiros's grandparents spoke Greek, Turkish and Russian.
Dmitry's parents grew up in one such Greek town on the shores of the Black sea, where Dmitry frequently vacationed in his early years, spending his time painting and drawing sketches. Throughout his childhood Spiros drew a lot, putting together exhibitions full of inspiration without difficulty, and showing a particular interest in studying the work of the French Impressionists

Years of Education
In 1993, having completed a term of military service, Dmitry studied art, graduating with honors after 5 years. Even during Dmitry's first year in school, he set up his first exhibition and sold many works with great success. At the same time, Dmitri also taught painting and worked as a designer for the British and American tobacco giant BAT.
Dmitry proved to be a very motivated and hardworking student at the art school. Due to his academic success, Dmitry received a merit based scholarship named after P.P. Benkov, which doubled the amount of his student stipend. Working many hours a day, he acquired the knowledge and methods that later would become a foundation for his creative endeavors. While being a student and participating in many art shows, Dmitry also created paintings on buildings, thus getting experienced in the genre of monumental painting and murals, also creating decorations for city celebrations and being commissioned for numerous portrait orders.

Dmitry also suffered from discrimination towards his Greek roots from the local Russian population, and in accordance with his love of discovering new things and creating new goals for himself, he made the decision to move with his family to Russia in 1999.
Since moving his paintings would require paying an enormous amount of duties, Dmitry just left them behind in his studio. The fate of these paintings is unknown.
He also participated in many art shows held in Tashkent.

Creative Years
In 2000, a new creative period started in the life of Dmitry Spiros. But the paintings he created during his first few years in Russia did not bring commercial success and often the money received from their sales were barely enough to buy new canvas and paint.
During this time period, he created a lot of work influenced by the French school, keeping his mind on artists such as van Gogh, Gaugin, Degas, Sisley, Renoir, Monet, and also the Russian Impressionists of the IXX-XX centuries, and creating his own personal artistic language, based on his own perception of the world. On his canvases, Dmitry seemed to be molding out his shapes, following his creative plan. The master found his own signature style, his own technique, which made his paintings fully 3-dimensional and multilayered,

Personal Life
In 1992, before entering art school, Dmitry met his future wife Ana, a ceramic artist. In 2000 his daughter Elizaveta was born and in 2009 their son Mikhail was born.

Career in Design
Between 2000 and 2005, Dmitry Spiros worked as a designer for food giant NESTLE, developing packaging for chocolates, and also doing package design for many Russian food companies. At this time Dmitry also traveled extensively in the country side, making sketches.
In 2008 Spiros collaborated with major publisher AGNI to create postcards and posters. Today posters of Dmitrys paintings decorate the walls of many hospitals, offices and trade centers in Samara. A line of souvenir products based on pictures by Spiros is being manufactured.
In the same year, Dmitry traveled in Europe, frequently on foot with an easel behind his shoulders. He painted many landscapes near the German town of Baden Baden and its surroundings. In Strasburg, he made sketches of the old town, and in the ancient towns of Croatia he worked from morning till nighttime on his art.

Different challenges frequently forced Dmitry to seek new grounds for their creative activities. In 2011 Dmitri Spiros and his family came to Mexico and settled in Cancun, having fallen in love with the beauty of Mexican beaches, the warm Caribbean Sea and the area's rich archeological heritage. This environment, so perfect for creative work, and the diversity of its colors inspired Dmitry to spend most of the time painting.

The work of Dmitry Spiros, and his participation in several charity auctions, continue to attract more and more attention. His paintings are purchased by collectors and people who appreciate art and want to make an investment, because he is undoubtedly one of the most popular contemporary artists.
Today Spiros is one of the few artists who despite creating a lot of disputes regarding his art, is well loved and appreciated by the public. His paintings are in private collections in many countries of the world.

1995- personal exhibition at the Art Academy
1996 a collaborative exhibition Springat the House of the Artists (Tashkent)
1997 a group exhibition Colors of the Summer at the House of the Artists (Tashkent)
1998 collaborative exhibition Celebration of NAVRUZ at the Central House of the Artists, Tashkent .
2000 group exhibition Pallette, Samara, Russia.
2002 May personal exhibition at the art gallery Meridien, Samara, Russia
2005 - February - personal exhibition at the bank Solidarity, Samara,
2005 - March - personal exhibition at the bank "", Samara, Russia
2006 - collaborative exhibition, an art project of the Volga Energy Company, Samara, Russia
2007 - December - " - ", an exposition of the project by Volzhsky TGK , Russia.
2008 - April personal exhibition Venice ripples of water
2009 August a creative workshop and exposition at the city of Baden Baden, Germany and Stasburg, France
2010 - June - a creative workshop while traveling in the towns of Croatia
2010 - November participation in the Rusian-Brittish "Charterhouse Charity Art Auction", London, England.. All the proceeds from the auction were donated to The Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust" (HART).
2011 - May- Participation in the Russian-Brittish charity art auction Joy, Samara, Ruussia. .. All the proceeds from the auction were donated to build and upgrade orphanages in the Samara region of Russia,


flowers by Dmitry Spiros


Guacamayas by Dmitry Spiros


On the way home by Dmitry Spiros


White taxi by Dmitry Spiros


White peacock and poppies by Dmitry Spiros


Red peacock by Dmitry Spiros


Blue Peacock by Dmitry Spiros


Field with poppies by Dmitry Spiros


Lavender field by Dmitry Spiros


Mauntains landscape by Dmitry Spiros


Blue flowers by Dmitry Spiros


Autumn in the big city by Dmitry Spiros


Caribbean sea by Dmitry Spiros


Silver night by Dmitry Spiros


Autumn cityscape by Dmitry Spiros


Railway station square by Dmitry Spiros


In the old courtyard by Dmitry Spiros


The rainy city by Dmitry Spiros


Red roses by Dmitry Spiros


Tulips by Dmitry Spiros


The road by Dmitry Spiros


September by Dmitry Spiros


Autumn landscape by Dmitry Spiros


October evening by Dmitry Spiros


Village landscape by Dmitry Spiros


Pond by Dmitry Spiros


Sunset by Dmitry Spiros


Embankment by Dmitry Spiros


Warm rain by Dmitry Spiros


Water lily by Dmitry Spiros


Wild flowers by Dmitry Spiros


White sails by Dmitry Spiros


Winter cityscape by Dmitry Spiros


February night by Dmitry Spiros


Frosty day by Dmitry Spiros


Samara by Dmitry Spiros


A study in the mountains by Dmitry Spiros


Naked in the shadows by Dmitry Spiros


Before bathing by Dmitry Spiros


Waves caribbean by Dmitry Spiros


Evening. Paris by Dmitry Spiros


Rainy by Dmitry Spiros


Fountains by Dmitry Spiros


March by Dmitry Spiros


Winter. December by Dmitry Spiros


Red poppy by Dmitry Spiros


Sophie by Dmitry Spiros


The evening lights of Paris by Dmitry Spiros